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32 Ford Roadster Builder Package-B

From TCR Auto Reproductions

32 Ford Roadster Builder Package-B

The TRC 1932 Ford Roadster /Rolling Chassis Builder Package (B) includes our Standard Fiberglass Roadster body installed on our Standard 1932 Ford Rolling Straight Axle Chassis. Unlike many of our competitors TRC Body/Chassis packages are designed to avoid many of the common problems encountered when customers purchase from companies that don't actually build cars using their products. Some of the common problems are (1).the need for extensive body shimming due to body not being assembled on same chassis (2) Pedal mounts located in the wrong location on chassis causing the pedals to enter the firewall in an undesirable position. (3) Pedals not bent properly (4) Engine and transmission mounts in wrong location.

The above pictures are for the sole purpose of illustrating  the  quality and appearance of our products. The exact features and pricing are listed below. TRC reserves the right to make design changes and substitute parts as needed. Prices are subject to change without notice!!

  • Standard Features
  • Upgrade and Options

Standard Features

                                                Body Features Included in Price

 Regular opening doors, 2” stretched cockpit, Hidden hinges, Bear Claw   latches, Oak  and steel reinforcements, Recessed Firewall for Engine/Transmissio Clearance, Smooth Black Gel-Coat Finish. This body is completely assembled on an HRC  Chassis to eliminate shimming. Manufactured by Bebop’s using the original (restored) Downs’s molds.

                                                Chassis Features Included in Price

 1" drop crossmember, Pete and Jakes 4" dropped chrome I- beam axle with chrome 4-Bars ,chrome spring, chrome shocks, chrome shackles, chrome spindles, chrome steering arms, chrome brake bracket, chrome bolts & fasteners on front end, Unisteer rack and pinion, Disk brakes on front with (GM) style calipers and Disk brakes with E-brake on rear , 350 SBC motor mounts, 350 Turbo transmission mounts, master cylinder & booster mount, Brake pedal with linkage, John’s Industries 9" Ford rear end with new axles, bearings & seals, Polished SS rear triangulated 4 bars, QA-1 adjustable coil-over rear shocks, boxed American Stamping Rails, TIG WELDED C-notched rear, C-notched front,( no third member).      


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Upgrade and Options

* Electric Trunk Lift * Upgrade to Show  Chrome Front End
* Rear Roll Pan * Polished Calipers w/Finned Backing Plates (Front)
* 2" Chopped Windshield * Polished Calipers w/Smooth Backing Plates (Front) 
* 3" Chopped Windshield * Polished Wilwood Calipers w/E-Brake (Rear)
* Stainless Steel Internal Fuel Tank Kit ( 15 gallon) * Chrome 9" Rear End Housing Cover
* Pop-Up fuel Filler Kit * Currie 9" Rear End w/ Polished Aluminum Housing
* Lizard Skin Insulation * John's Industries Refurbished Third Member
* Fender Kits * SS Brake Line Kit w/ Chrome Booster & Master Cylinder
* Stock Hinges * Upgrade to Drilled I-Beam Axle
* Bop Top * Front Polished SS Spreader Bar (Straight)
* Steering Kit * Front Polished SS Spreader Bar ( V )
* Bench Back Bench,Bucket Back Bench and Bucket Seats * Rear Polished SS Spreader Bar
* Radiator Kits * Tanks Steel 32 External Fuel Tank (14.5 gallons)
* Steel Grille Shell and SS Inserts * Bob Rear End
  * Pinch Front End
  * Powder Coat Chassis


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